How to

Step 1

Choose an area of schema you would like to start working on. We recommend starting from one of the sides

Step 2

Partially remove a protective cover from your canvas, so that the unused sticky area of the schema remains protected from any dust and never bothers you during the process.

Step 3

Choose any symbol and pick up a corresponding diamond bag according to the index color number within the legend located on the side of your canvas.

Step 4

For convenience spread the diamonds of selected color across the included tray.

Step 5

Take an applicator, press it into the wax and pick up any diamond from your tray.

Step 6

Place the diamond into a corresponding symbol on the schema and repeat until the entire image is complete.

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What is Diamond Painting?
Oh, we are so jealous that you haven’t tried it yet! This is one of the most relaxing hobbies you might find on the market. Imagine your favourite picture that is shining like a jewelry showcase. How? Well, that is possible with Computer software + tiny resin 26-facets rhinestones. No worries, we have already made that for you! You get similar-like painting-by-numbers rendered image schema printed on high-quality textile canvas, set of “diamonds” and tools ready for matching. Matching! We wish we could forget and try it again for the first time.
Round or Square diamonds?
That is absolutely a question of preference. Most people prefer the square shape of diamonds because when you finish your picture it looks “more complete”. As for the round ones, they are surely easy to pick and stick onto the canvas, you don’t need to care about their incline, since they just don’t have corners, obviously.
What Size To Choose?
We recommend basing your choice on the “difficulty” of your image, meaning how detailed is the design or how many characters are in the picture. Our team puts an effort to identify this difficulty for each artwork, so you will not find “difficult” images in small sizes, which might look really bad when completed. General rule: the bigger the size the more detailed the final masterpiece. You can learn more about size selection on the examples provided below for each product on our website.  
Where is My Order?
Please enter your order tracking number that you will find in the email we sent to you after you successfully purchased the product into this form. In case of any issues please contact us at care@palmandiamonds.com  
How Long Does It Take To Receive The Item?
Order processing: Up to 3 days
Order shipment (Normal Post): Around 14 days
Order shipment (Express: FedEx): Around 7 days
Total time: 10-25 days
What Is Inside Each Kit?
Each Palman Diamond Painting Kit includes:
- A soft canvas with pre-printed image schema and a color legend on the side;
- Set of diamonds pre-packed into ziplock bags separated by colors, each bag is marked with a unique color number;
- 1 Standard Tweezers;
- 1 Standard Applicator;
- 1 Standard Tray;
- 1 piece of Wax 3x3cm.
How Long Does It Take To Complete The Diamond Painting?
Our customers who are just starting to craft for the first time usually spend around 10 hours on images of 20x20cm/20x30cm. The size 50x40cm, for example, might take around 50 hours to complete.  

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